Christmas Single ‘Please Please Please (Won’t You Unwrap Me)’ Released Today

Natalie’s Christmas song Please Please Please (Won’t You Unwrap Me?) is out today on all major platforms: Stream / Download Now.

Released on Modern Sky / Warner ADA, Natalie speaks about the track: “I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas song with a twist. I know at Christmas there’s a lot of cheese and love being thrown around, but what isn’t acknowledged is the fact that not everyone relates to Christmas in a good way – and if you’re suffering from loneliness or unrequited love it can be magnified x 1000 at this time of the year.

So I wanted to release a song with these themes, but at the same time not weigh people down with too much heaviness. So although the themes of the song are quite serious, I wanted to wrap it up in (excuse the pun) quite a witty, upbeat & (most of all) fun way”.